Walk & Write writing holidays for the body, mind and spirit.


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Adventure writing for wellbeing

Satisfy your body, mind and spirit in one great holiday!

When you are in a car, beautiful places are a moment;

when you stop the car they are a cluster of moments.

When you walk, beautiful places are an eternity carved into the soul.

Stephanie Dale, author, journalist, traveling writer


The longing is the path. Join us as we explore the world's beautiful pathways, and meet the true writer within. Walk & Write your way home. Guidance, encouragement and support available throughout the journey. For new and experienced writers. Share your triumphs and challenges with a small group of writing buddies. Led by a skilled and experienced facilitator.


Walk & Write writing adventures are led by award-winning journalist and author, Stephanie Dale. Three years ago, Stephanie founded The Write Road - a pathway to writing for new and unpublished writers. She is now expanding The Write Road to combine her two great passions: walking and writing. Steph is an experienced long distance walker, who believes in the power of both walking and writing for wellbeing.


One of the great challenges facing a writer is telling a story that has been told 10,000 thousand times: sunrise, sunset, mountains, rivers, storms. One of a writer’s great pleasures is finding the words that reflect fully their experience of the natural world. Open your senses and seek out your deepest connection to the wild, and return to the page with words of satisfaction, originality and beauty.


Studies show walking is wonderful for the body, mind and spirit. So is traveling. And so is writing! Not theory, hard research. Studies show writing can boost our immune systems, alleviate pain and even increase our employment prospects! Walking and writing together are a brilliant solution for navigating life's challenges, establishing clear pathways forward and bringing forth the story you long to write.


Walk and write the final 10 days of El Camino!

April 9 – 19, 2018

An adventure writing experience that will lead you through the final 10 days of El Camino, Spain’s famous pilgrimage.


Write your journey home.


The walk will include a series of writing workshops in beautiful villages, forests, farms and cities,

as well as writing about people and local cultures.


At certain junctures along the way, we will stop, rest and write,

beside gentle streams, atop open hilltops, in afternoon cafes and iconic village squares.


This holiday is organised in partnership with UTracks/World Expeditions.


  • Breathtaking moments

    Come for a wander, rest awhile and find the words to express your wonder at the new worlds awaiting you.

  • Writing buddies!

    Coffee, cafes, camaraderie and friendship. A beautiful journey, shared.

  • Stories in stone

    Stand by to be astonished by the beauty of Spain's historical architecture.

  • Catching stories

    People have stories to tell, statues have stories to be told! Dive in, let us lead you there.

  • Writing the Wild

    Open your senses, breathe with the forest and let the countryside speak through you.

  • Exhilaration!

    Rest, write and celebrate the colours of the great spinning universe that surrounds us.

  • Lotsa laughs!

    Make lifelong friendships along the journey.

  • Writing for wellbeing

    Learn powerful new tools for clarifying thoughts, solving problems, establishing new pathways.

  • Surprise!

    When you walk, you never know what's around the next corner.

How to pack for The Camino

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The pilgrim’s guide to packing smart

“Pilgrimage is the art of ancient travel, a subpoena from the heart that defies all common sense. The pilgrim is not unlike a comet, burning off all that is futile and unnecessary until all that is left is the essential, unmalleable core.

The pilgrim walks the Earth, walks the wheel, walks the turning seasons, surrendering all of who she is and all she thinks she knows and all she thinks she wants to the road and the weather and the wild spinning universe.”
from My Pilgrim’s Heart, by Stephanie Dale



“All truly great thoughts are conceived by walking.”

Friedrich Nietzsche

Walk & Write is an adventure writing experience for your body, mind and spirit.


Walk & Write combines your love of exploration with your mind’s need for a rest and your creative spirit’s longing for expression.


We work on the principle everyone can write!


Wander with us along the world’s beautiful trails – it’s an ideal way to unlock your writing spirit. We will walk and write in good company, share the challenges and the triumphs of our writing whilst also enjoying the solitude of the writer, resting, pondering, writing.


Walking connects us to the world around us. It heightens our senses. We see things we wouldn’t normally see. Become aware of things we wouldn’t usually notice. Build relationships with the small and significant. Walking broadens our horizons, in every possible way.


Walking is a brilliant way of solving problems and navigating life’s challenges.

Writing is also an effective problem solving mechanism. This isn’t just theory – it’s hard research: writing can help us with everything from raising our spirits to physical recovery to enhancing our employment prospects!


Join us as we write the journeys, the longings, the pathways, the encounters.


Walk & Write will encourage you to sit quietly, patiently, like the hunters of old, tuning your senses to the rhythms of life around you. You will learn to rest in productive time out. You will find your creative rhythm. You will discover new ways to incorporate writing into your everyday life. You will be offered support, guidance and encouragement to write your story, your way.


Walk & Write is an initiative of The Write Road, an award-winning health and wellbeing initiative for new and unpublished writers. For more information on The Write Road visit www.thewriteroad.com.au

“Solvitur ambulando. It is solved by walking.”

Attributed to St Augustine

Walk & Write is the latest best thing to come out of The Write Road,
a writing for wellbeing initiative for new writers in isolated areas.



WRITE OF PASSAGE - online book writing course for new writers!

6-week book writing motivation course that will help you plan your book and get you started on your writing. Live engagement with your facilitator and your writing buddies. 8 places only.


The most common reason people in our workshops give for not writing is …. the fear of wasting time! If you have a story rattling around inside you and you want to know why wasting time is important, read Stephanie Dale's editorial in Country Web.


Congratulations Liz Chappell on the launch of her first book, Celebrate the Seasons: A garden memoir of New England. ``Your workshops last year certainly put me on track and I've taken your suggestions on board - I'm delighted with the production of my gardening book.``

YOUR STORY: Your life depends on it

“The purpose of The Write Road is recovery – recovering human voices that have fallen silent, recovering spirits that are suffering for lack of hope, recovering the will to claim what is rightfully ours.” The Write Road founder Stephanie Dale delivering the keynote address at the CRANAplus national conference in Alice Springs.

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Walk & Write writing holidays are designed to satisfy your body, mind and spirit. We offer specialised writing inspiration, motivation, guidance & support for new and experienced writers.


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