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i there, and welcome to Walk & Write!


Meet Stephanie Dale

author, journalist and traveling writer who loves to walk very long distances,

and to write while she walks.


blockquote-lI teach nothing I have not learned myself: that it’s okay to be out on a limb, that a deep breath is the key to courage, that looking the world in the eye instills confidence. That raising our voice is critical to the change we seek. That visibility might be scary but it’s incredibly liberating. That knowing our story makes us strong.blockquote-r

Stephanie Dale

Stephanie Dale

Why walking and writing?


“Because they are twin passions of mine.


I swear I could walk forever. My definition of a great day is sitting on sunny headland looking out to sea (or high on mountainside or beside a gentle creek), bread cheese chocolate and mandarins in my pack, a notebook and pen on my lap, writing.


All day writing. All day walking. All day walking and writing.


“When you are in a car beautiful places are a moment,

when you stop the car they are a cluster of moments;

when you walk, beautiful places are an eternity carved into the soul.”

Stephanie Dale, author My Pilgrim’s Heart


That’s a quote from a book I wrote as I was walking with my son across Italy, through the Balkans and into the Middle East. (I joined him for the middle leg of his epic 7000 km pilgrimage from Canterbury to Jerusalem).


It was theme of my first published book, My Pilgrim’s Heart: A woman’s journey through marriage and other foreign lands.


Here’s a short video I made to introduce Ben’s journey, which came on the back of our pilgrimage across Spain together two years prior to that.

“My Pilgrim’s Heart by Stephanie Dale…tests the author’s resourcefulness and is a journey of often painful self‑discovery, as all good travel writing should be. It (demonstrates) the kind of humour and pluck for which Australians like to think we are famous.”
Susan Kurosawa, The Australian, Travel

More on Steph


Stephanie Dale is a journalist by trade: 15+ years in newspapers; an author by design: 2 published books and a smattering of ebooks; a traveling writer by calling: never ignore the call!


Four years ago she drove west to the Australian outback on a hunch – that people on the other side of the Great Dividing Range would like a hand telling their stories.


After years of telling people’s stories for them, she figured folk in isolated areas might appreciate an opportunity to tell their own story, their way.


And they did. Steph was stunned by how many people long in their heart of hearts to write a book – just about everyone. And if not a book then a collection of memories. And if not a collection of memories then an important letter home. And just about everyone needs a hand to get started.


She called her project The Write Road and is currently in the process of making her courses and workshops available online (in no small measure so she doesn’t have to drive 10,000 kms every time she goes to work, however wonderful the commute!).


The Write Road is dedicated to brave new and unpublished writers. Because yes, it takes courage to step up and claim our longing to write.


People used to say Steph was brave walking through the Balkans and into the Middle East.


“Oh no,” she’d reply, ‘writing a book was much braver!”


It’s funny – and it’s true.


And now The Write Road has sprouted Walk & Write writing holidays, which is Steph’s way of sharing her love of walking and writing with others.


Join Steph, and your group of dedicated writing buddies, to roam the world’s great trails with a notebook and pen in your pack.


Walk & Write has partnered with UTracks (World Expeditions) to bring you these journeys. This means that your warm pilgrim bed is assured each night, and so is your trusty pilgrim transport.


It means the logistics are taken care of, leaving you and your writing buddies free to roam beautiful trails and wander through iconic towns and villages, taking in history, architecture, culture and cafes, devouring good food in great company. . .


. . . and writing along the way.


Walking and writing must be about the most productive pursuit available to a human being. We satisfy our physical body with gentle continuous movement, we engage our mind with productive pleasure, and we set our soul free to soar on the wings of our own choosing, day after glorious day.


It’s the wholeness of walking and writing holidays that has captivated Steph.


Come, join us.



Stephanie Dale’s charismatic warmth delivers a cascade of energy that inspires and uplifts. Her soft femininity camouflages her strength – but only at first. The power of her words will immediately captivate as she wraps you up in her story, leads her audience to the edge – and then matter of factly invites them to jump. She is a lead lemming: compelling, engaging and captivating, all the while paying sharp attention to reality and rationality. Stephanie is a great speaker and an excellent listener, two qualities rarely found in the one person.blockquote-rPatt Gregory, Woodwork for Women


blockquote-lStephanie Dale’s inspirational insights into the human condition, particularly her own journey, is one told with honesty, incisiveness and love. It is one which will motivate action for those listening to her speak. Her creative use of terminology is instantly refreshing and brings uplift to those hear her. Hearing her speak or reading her books can be life changing!blockquote-rJohn Dahlsen, artist


blockquote-lOn a stormy November day, when the rain was oh so close, I learnt to write my landscape into my story, I learnt to let the landscape tell my story, I learnt that what I remember of my past is reflected in how I remember my landscape. Thanks!blockquote-rChris Ferguson, farmer


blockquote-lThanks Steph for the inspiration to take the stories out of my head and start to put them onto paper. The workshops have helped me to find my voice and overcome the greatest obstacle, to write the beginning of what I hope will be my first novel. I will be heavily recommending your workshops to everyone I know with an interest in expressing their inner voice. With much thanks!blockquote-r Jenny, teacher


blockquote-lI laughed, I cried, I wrote and I made my first short film (well, sort of!). I enjoyed the company of friends and new people, and enjoyed our time together very much.blockquote-rPrue, farmer