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ROAD OUT OF TIME: Wandering Minstrels

ROAD OUT OF TIME: Wandering Minstrels


The Camino is alive, a primeval sentience that embraces our journey from beginning to end.

This energy is generous, ever present and ever patient. As we awaken to our body and deeper parts of our psyche, we awaken to the life-force we call El Camino. She is an electromagnetic pulsing current that connects to the heart of the Great Mother.

There is an internal melody that grows as one walks the earth for hours, days, weeks and sometimes months.  A steady rhythm drives the body with each step, and our body becomes our orchestra, creating internal spaces for healing and spontaneous joys.

The following verse came to me as I was walking through the verdant, valleyed region of Galicia in north west Spain. The lyrics and melody fell into place as I turned them over in my mind; singing softly, prayerfully. It was both calming and invigorating, treading the earth with this flow of song. There were times, assured of my solitude in a forest glade, when my voice rose raucously. Liberating!

It is interesting to note the similarity in the sound of the words: Shaman and Chemin.

Shaman is a person who acts as a medium between the physical and spiritual worlds. They are wisdom keepers, healers, herbalists, diviners, ecstatic dancers, seers and guides. Traditionally, before the rise of industrialism and patriarchy, they were women acutely connected with solar, lunar and earthly currents.

There is a Chukchee proverb that states: “Woman is by nature a shaman.” For the indigenous people of Old Europe, the Celts, a shaman was called an ovate. Often their work is carried out in trance, in dreaming spaces, where they join with an intelligence greater than themselves.

Chemin is the French word for Camino; Way.


Wandering pilgrims, they pray

Wandering minstrels, they play

She weaves a tale of timeless magic and

Breathes a godly fire

Shaman sees, Shaman shows; pointing the Way

Compostela, field of stars

Shaman breathes, Shaman shakes; pointing the Way

Compostela, field of stars

The road is long and dark and hard

My soul is burning dry

But earth will sing the night awake and

Dragons light the sky

Shaman sees, Shaman shows; pointing the Way

Compostela, field of stars

Shaman breathes, don’t forsake; walking the Way

Compostela, field of stars


Our thanks to Hans from Pixabay for the image.

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Sarah Blogg is a Camino scholar and pilgrim of life, who is drawn to share her research into and insights about the enigmatical pilgrim path across Spain.

While for many pilgrims The Camino is The Way of St James, for Sarah the ancient road is The Way of the Goddess.

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